Relax and Grow!

In search of centered minds, bodies, and souls.


“Housing” describes green living methods and options. Take a look for research on living a more conscious life, where YOU LIVE.


Consomme is French for: eat, take in, become one with.  Reference anything that we can “become one with” including food, knowledge, and anything that can dwell inside of us.
This is the Spanish word for “blue”. This color and word signify remembrance and peace. Explore things that we cherish from our past that bring us peace now.
Hope represents the things unseen in the future.  It signifies optimism, faith, and sufficient knowledge. Journey into hope for the future based on what we know, and do not know but trust.

One thought on “Relax and Grow!

  1. Haha every time I clicked your picture I was taken to your Gravitar page and didn’t know how to get to your blog, but I’ve worked out out now. Looking forward to checking out your posts on Habits 🙂

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