…bridge the connection between things that seem unrelated…

Consomme is French for: eat, take in, become one with.  Think about the things that we can “become one with” including food, knowledge, and anything that can dwell inside of us. Receive good food!
Azul is the Spanish word for “blue”. This signifies remembrance and peace. Remind yourself, as often as you visit this site, of things that we cherish from our past that bring us peace. Notice how many things can stimulate peace and memory across cultural boundaries. Remember how we can live in acceptance and tolerance over the ages. Remember others!
Hope represents things unseen in the future. Hope allows you to cherish optimism, faith, and knowledge. Hope gives birth to comfort in uncertainty. Believe!

4 thoughts on “About

    • A few small suggestions:
      Focus on the goal and the WHOLE!

      You can do nothing to one part of the body that does not effect at least one other part. (meaning that if you are trying to do something with your stomach or arms, etc., remember secondary muscles and how other body parts feed into the part you are working on)
      Use the strengths of the sexes to support the tasks. Women/men tend to have stronger atributes than their counterparts. (for example: men tend to run faster, but women can be more flexible and conscious of their whole body)

      Since I’m assuming you two are likely running as well there are many good small tips to suggest. I will gladly write a piece about running shoes, but for now, remember the surface you use, the softer the better. Breathe in with the nose, out with the mouth. “Cheek to cheek” strides (meaning swinging your arms from your cheeck (or chest) to your back side cheek). And lastly, pay attention to your breathing because it will give clues as to how your rythm is. Music helps, but absolute silence while running is great as well.

      I hope some of these tips helped. You have also inspired me to write a few things about this soon!

  1. Hey Jennifer really nice about me section, I especially agree with
    the chocolate calling out “Hey baby!” haha I’ve been trying to follow
    my routine diet schedule to improve lean muscle and chocolate among
    other things aren’t in there.

    It’s really good your taking a holistic approach to learning, as I browse you
    blog even more I can see pages on body, fitness, soul & spirit and it truly does
    all come in together. A book you may be interested in checking out is “Character Strengths and Virtues”
    ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Character_Strengths_and_Virtues_(book)#List_from_the_book)

    It’s about a holistic approach to life and improving your health.

    I look forward to reading through the rest of your blog,

    thanks for the lovely comments and dropping by

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