The ThankShop: Give Thanks, Get Back

Senior photographer

This Thanksgiving, document a historic story and submit it for a chance to be featured on our site.

The ThankShop is a place to give thanks by listening. And in the CoAzHo world, listening is rewarded. Gather a great historic story. Stories can be recorded anyway you chose (writing, voice, or video) and they should be good history, for example tales of triumph over prejudice, origins of recipes, and the like!

Be rewarded for your efforts triple fold! First, nature will reward you with comprehension and discernment to face this world. And next, you can enter to get a chance to be a feature in future programs. Finally, as a more immediate reward, receive a monetary discount in our wellness store, just for submitting your work to us.

Writing Book and Pencil

Submit your project to and receive $5 off in our marketplace


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