Retrograde: The Planet Venus

July 25 – September 6, 2015

We are all learning more about science and how astrology fits into our daily human activity. Now is a good time to note Venus Retrograde, which starts tomorrow, July 25, 2015. We have an opportunity to practice alignment with those systems much larger than us, while we learn to understand them better.

The title, “Venus Retrograde”, sounds like Venus somehow moves backward and messes us all up inside — making us cooky and such. Surprisingly, retrograde is a fallacy of perception. On Earth, we get illusions of backwards moving planets closer to the sun because the Earth is orbiting at a different speed. Yet, astute folks all over the world attest to the importance of this shift in the speeds and alignment of the planets. The Venus Retrograde cycle is lesser known, and it occurs less frequently than the now popular Mercury Retrograde, but it is a significant time nevertheless.

Venus is considered the planet of love and values (like money), beauty and aesthetics, and even health. Think of the retrograde as one of few times people like to move backward in love and values. We re-assess what—and who—we value. In the spirit of Sankofa, go back to your past and ‘fetch it’ (Read about “Sankofa” here).

Venus Globe

Reassessing can happen intentionally or accidentally. Anyone we meet may bring a new discovery or lesson. Heartstrings have the tendency to be pulled and lots of questions about the love we have can come to us. Sometimes we may feel like we’re burning through some karma; others intertwined with people we’re connected to. New love, old love, repairable love, love that’s really lust, love between friends, lost love, the absence of love and everything in between can come to mind intensely now, especially if you’re already questioning things. Be aware of the people you’re encountering. Take notes however you can, however frequently you can, to see if your feeling and perception change after the retrograde.

Acting on our feelings during this season could be ill advised. It is a period that many astrologers consider inopportune for major decisions that relate to Venus’ energy. ‘Go back and fetch’ clarity by creating budgets and financial plans and re-thinking personal relationships. That’s all you need to do to be productive during retrograde!

Overall, do not be dismayed by the influence of nature on us. Many of us are in touch with our deeper, less obvious and superficial needs and desires so this time can be very helpful. Historically, environment has allowed me to wait until October to move to a different state with my partner, uprooting my life. It was one of the best decisions I have made, guided by Venus’ wisdom. Take note of the period and previous cycles below. Notice how life unfolded in the past during those cycles, then continue reading to gather helpful hints for this cycle!

July 25 – September 6, 2015

Shadow period/complete zone = June 21st-October 9th

There is a solar eclipse shortly after Venus moves forward again.  (new cycles for many)

December 21, 2013-January 31, 2014

May 15th-June 27th, 2012

October 8, 2010-November 18, 2010

March 6, 2009-April 17th, 2009

July 27, 2007-September 8, 2007

December 24th, 2005-February 3rd, 2006

April-July 2004

September-December 2002

March-May 2001

My goal is to honor the wisdom we now know about this time. I’ve outlined some personal goals of mine. Maybe you can use some of these ideas in your own season, correcting for your own zodiac and/or personal intuition.

  • Daily Personal Reading (let’s find something you can read or listen to and soak in while you’re processing.)
    • Psalms 3/day  (Psalms 119 is VERY long)
    • “One Day My Soul Just Opened Up: 40 Days and 40 Nights Towards Spiritual Strength and Personal Growth” by Ayanla Vanzant
  • Continual assessments – ’checking in’ with self
    • Rethink relationships (Aries – partnership and income)
    • Engage with beauty – organize home, paint, observe nature
    • Bond with personal health – start exciting personal health activities
    • Create budgets and financial plans
  • Abstinence – top tips of things to avoid
    • Ending relationships
    • Rekindling relationships
    • New hairdos
    • Enhancements and cosmetic surgery
    • Major financial undertakings – such as purchasing a new wardrobe
    • (Aries) Argue with mate


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