Green Home & Business


Earth (Photo credit: stef thomas)

As many people are thinking of simple ways to join the green movement, Mr. Sam Marquit teaches businesses how to help the environment and save money. The following article addresses things even homeowners and individuals can do to give back to mother earth and improve daily life.

Go One Step Farther with Green Business and Residential Life

Being a commercial contractor has afforded me lots of opportunities to help businesses and individual homeowners learn about green materials and sustainable building. It’s a choice that people have to make, but it’s a choice that can potentially save the future of our planet. Many businesses have been incorporating eco-friendly practices and reducing their waste products in order to help the green movement. In fact the green materials market has grown to $116 billion this year and will likely grow to $254 billion in 2020. Going green continues to gain momentum. As many unveil new technology and people realize how simple solar energy is, it may grow even more.

Water is a scarce resource for many areas around the world. In some countries, it’s the most precious resource that they have. The US is lucky to have a system of waterways that allow us to have running water. Still these systems are abused in many ways. For example, landscaping can be an extremely wasteful practice. Water sprinklers spend unnecessary amounts of water on plants and lawns, which actually leads to over-watering. One hotel changed their policies in order to counteract this. The Las Vegas Palazzo Hotel and Resort developed a system of drip

irrigation, moisture sensors and artificial turf grass in order to reduce its water waste. The hotel saved eight million gallons of water last year. As a result, one group named the hotel the most eco friendly in America.

People can install drip irrigation systems for their home landscapes as well. This is the best way to save on water specifically for areas prone to drought. You can also collect rainwater or gray water from washer machines and showers to use for watering lawns and gardens.

Businesses in the travel industry have made a living out of moving the comforts of the indoors to the outside. With terraces, expansive pool decks, grilling stations and lots of entertainment areas near the pool, hotels are one of the best examples for how to incorporate outdoor living in the home.

Today many hotels are using solar energy to heat and power pools. They generate solar energy for the entire hotel and hot tubs too. At home, solar energy shingles and panels have allowed for homeowners to save thousands on energy bills every year. They’re also remodeling to include more areas with natural light such as terraces, decks and  sun rooms.

As the innovation in the industry continues, newer and more efficient products will be coming to market. Hotels and casinos especially in Las Vegas are certainly raising the bar. Vegas sees millions of travelers each year, if these large facilities can implement sustainable practices, so can the homeowner. I am certainly encouraged at the continued growth of the green industry. My hopes are that other businesses and homeowners catch on and mimic the “green blueprints” these facilities utilize. They have set the standard and others must catch on.

Water drop

Water drop (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


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