Cohousing principles

vandkunsten, architects: jystrup savværk cohou...

vandkunsten, architects: jystrup savværk cohousing community, jystrup, denmark 1982-1984 (Photo credit: seier+seier)

The 6 main principles that distinguish cohousing from hostels, hotels, condos, and even the reservation:

This was from one of my favorite cohousing experts of Dallas Cohousing, Angela:

  1. participatory process
  2. consensus decision-making
  3. neighborhood design
  4. common facilities
  5. resident management
  6. no shared community economy

(For more info:


5 thoughts on “Cohousing principles

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  4. Thanks so much for the mention! We’re having an orientation to cohousing on Jan. 27, 2013, at 2 pm. We’ll give an overview of what cohousing is, with specifics on what our vision is here in Dallas: to retrofit an existing building. Green, affordable, with individual units for each household and lots of shared space, including a garden. Please visit our website for more info.

    The meeting’s taking place this time at Dallas Shambhala Meditation Center in Farmers Branch.

    • HEY Angela,
      Thanks so much for reaching out! I hope to attend a meeting in the future, but for now I am trying to reassess the things around me. This likely sounds deep, but just know I am following you guys!

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