Points in Time

There comes a point in every wo/man’s life where s/he reaches a point, maybe a few….

How many “mid-life crisis’ ” have you been through in your short life? Since the times of Adam and Eve, man has lived much shorter lives. And up to the point of Noah’s time things got a bit shorter still. Therefore, it’s safe to say, our lives are becoming shorter and shorter as we speak!


These “millennials” have affected our perception of life span as well. They have us believing that there is no time to waste. We cannot sit still in any realm. Is this true? Should we really keep moving throughout life as if we will/can die any second?

This brings me to a pretty tragic thought — those that I loved that have passed on. All of us came into the world in a particular way and will leave in different ways. Sometimes neither are picture perfect. And the fact remains that these two things are bound to happen. (Remember: “We all come to the end of our lives as naked and empty-handed as on the day we were born.” Ecclesiastes 5:15 NLT). For example, someone close to me was recently shot in the head. That is pretty graphic, but so is a life wasted (The road less traveled… The “Dash” poem).

So I’m not sure what your answer is to the way we spend our time, but whether you chose to fly by it or sit and take it in, do not waste it. There is no time to waste!



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