…Because Sweet Potato is the BEST

Like most of my recipes, this one is not outlined very much or very well. Below is the idea, I hope you get the opportunity to play with it:

  1. Sweet potatoes sliced in the skin
  2. Grape tomatoes
  3. white or sweet onion
  4. fresh baby spinach, chopped or whole
  5. fresh basil, finely chopped
  6. 1 chicken breast
  7. 1 table-spoon of butter ans garlic sea salt

On the stove top:

  1. Brown the chicken, then remove from the pot.
  2. Partially cook potatoes
  3. Add everything else in layers on the stove top


I think this can be done in the oven as well effectively. The only issue was with timing because I did not want the tomatoes to be solid and I did want the potatoes to be firm. It worked well and very fast on the stove top, but this is likely because I am more comfortable here.


The tomato is slightly strong, not sweet when paired with the sweet potato. The sweet potato is not as strong/sweet as in other dishes either. It is actually a bit dry, like a casserole. The basil and butter are the best part. The aroma mixes with the potato oils in a way that I have never seen. The basil is not strong enough to drown other flavors, but just strong enough to tie them all together as a very mysteriously international dish.

If you were to pick a country, where would you say this recipe is from?


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