Travelers’ Work-out Plan

I have been so busy getting sick and traveling that I have not taken the time to care for myself, while I send you ways to do the same.

It is now time to adapt my workout plan. We have been planning our workouts for ages based on the idea that we will be in one place for some time, or even that we will continue in a “gym”. My brother and I (a personal trainer) have been talking about developing adaptive workout plans but NOW IS THE TIME!

This plan, for me will have three purposes:

  1. Working out at home – I do not want to pay for a gym membership yet, forgive me!
  2. Working out with injuries – I stopped working out because I couldn’t run. With sprained ankles, or other injuries, it’s hard to get motivated to do anything other than what you are accustomed to, but getting out of our comfort zones is what we do…so let’s do it!
  3. Working out on the go – I have been traveling a lot and will probably continue to do so, but that is also no excuse.

Effects of Not working out – The fact of the matter is I am a living witness to what happens when you don’t work out (especially when, like me you enjoy working out). You become slightly depressed and unable to complete tasks. There is also a sense of discontent, sometimes this means you stop caring what you eat (and like me the excuse may be that you still have a high metabolism). But eventually things will catch up to all of us. Either you will get sick more often, you will gain an unhealthy amount of weight, or dreadful long-term physical problems will enter your system.

So in my surprisingly languid research I have come up with a few things that I will be trying to recover:

  1. A food journal – I have spoken about this before, but for me cravings and history mean a lot. Keeping track of what my body wants and what I accidentally take in (if accidents are possible), while traveling is important. The least I can do is be responsible for the days I live (and often forget ;)) DailyFoodLogTemplate (Excel)
  2. Plyometrics/body resistance – there are many exercises we can do with nothing more than your body and gravity. I will be collecting more of those to use.
  3. Motivation/a goal – I have told myself and was preparing to reveal to the world that I want to do an Iron Man Race. This may be a far-fetched goal (meaning that it will take some time to complete). But I encourage everyone to have a goal in mind. This doesn’t have to be a finite goal, like running a marathon or losing a certain amount of weight, but use it as a motivating factor.

With all those things in mind, let’s get to it!

The Traveler’s Work-out Plan!


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