Quote of the Day – Fitness: Running

Bare feet running

Bare Feet Running (Image via Wikipedia)


“Cheek to cheek” 

The tip for today pertains mostly to running. 

I have mentioned this tip before.  It is important to pay attention to running form because running has become such a “job” now that we often do not pay as much attention as we should.  Therefore today’s tip is a reminder to some and a small piece of new information for others. “Cheek to cheek”: 

This was a phrase that sprinters used to use a while ago, but the origins have very good use now.  As a sprinter (which I have never been), your arms movement really helps speed up your feet when necessary.  

Regardless of whether you are a sprinter or not, ensuring that your hands reach each “cheek” (face and backside) also makes sure that you pay attention to your overall form.  This small tip is useful in a couple of other areas as well: first, it keeps you from over extending your legs too much (which obviously puts strain on your planting foot/heel); second, it helps with your horizontal frame of motion.  By this I mean, the tendency to twist your torso when running (which not only decreases your speed but strains your core unnecessarily). 

ALthough we could talk about other useful benefits to running cheek to cheek, we can stop here.  See if it helps you to think of this small phrase when running and reply back! 



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