Person of the Day – Fitness: Sue Sally Hale

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In the 1950’s she snuck on the polo scene in a time of extreme sexism and division.

The U.S. Polo Association in Southern California did not allow women to play and because she was determined she tapped down her breasts, wore baggy pants, drew on a mustache, and went by the alias “Jones”.

For 20 years she disguised herself as a man and was finally added to the association in 1972 and died at the age of 65.


2 thoughts on “Person of the Day – Fitness: Sue Sally Hale

  1. thanks thats a good story…i had never heard of her….but sadly here recently in the olympics and other track and field events, women from african and other countries have been accused scrutinized and even tested for being a man participating in women events.

    • She is a very interestign woman. It’s funny that we often thought only people like “Mulan” did the things she did. America is filled with many people fighting to do what they can in the best way they can with SUBTLTY. To stand out by blending in is a difficult task that I applaud many people for doing. This can be a wonderful world we live in.

      As far as Semenya’s position is concerned, I am still confused by that situation. ( perhaps we will understand it all better by and by, but perhaps we will:

      “Live and learn, die and leave it all” (we will discuss the meaning and significance of this on Thursday!!)

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