Fitness Quote of the Day: August 27, 2010

“Follow the rhythm of your run and body”


When running, it is important to pay attention to the rhythm of your run and body.  This means that you must notice the pattern of your breathing. Is it consistent or strained? Does it follow the step of your feet as you are running?

Even if you are not running, this concept is also important when doing other activities, such as weight-lifting and other cardiovascular activities.  Here, it is important to make sure that you are first breathing.  I find it strange but quite normal that people hold their breath when lifting weights or doing an abdominal workout.

In a nutshell BREATHE and take STEADY/CONSISTANT breaths. If you notice that you are breathing very irregularly, you may want to take a break and focus for a moment. And as always, listening to music can help facilitate this process since many of us move to the music.

Click Here for the Original PDF: Rhythm of Running PDF


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