Your Heat


This picture was taken on the corner of North Central Expressway and Parker Road in Dallas Texas by Kelly Ann Rose.  


As a small piece of motivation today, you can take this picture and remember a few things. This young lady was not “trained” like many to find the perfect picture. She is just a normal person like the rest of us with a camera that takes normal pictures, sometime grainy, sometimes skewed a bit from real life. Somehow, though, this day she was able to capture the beauty of a day, a place, and a time that many of us often do not grasp. 

Also, the place she was in at the time is motivating. As many of you know the mid-west is hot, Dallas is no exception. The city is crowded; there is no way around the busy life there, especially in Dallas (near Central Expressway). How does one find joy and motivation in these issues? It seems that Ms. Rose was able to look up just as Dallas was giving her a piece of its joy. 

From this we can surelyknow and remember that the person and the place all have a great use regardless of the time and place. Anyone can be their own source of motivation, even in the most unlikely of times. And any place you are at this moment can be waiting for you to see its hidden joy. 

Keep watching! 



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