Mirror Motivator

July 26, 2010

Today is dedicated to the friend that is so much like you to the point that they motivate you in every way.  These people check the thoughts that you would never monitor yourself.  Sharing all of your deepest parts with this person you realize that if you did lose touch, when you regained contact, things would resume just as if they were never lost.  All the more fascinating, they understand all of your subtle attempts at a joke.  Hold on to this friend and continue to use them as a mirror for the “sights” you may not see for improvement within.

This is my best friend and the most careful motivator.  She is particular about the things that I take seriously.  When we have cried together, the moments were intense and heart-felt.  There has never been a second thought about spending any money or time with this woman and I’m sure that she feels the same.  Above all, we have tried to sustain a relationship that is free of bias and falsehood—we grow together.

As many of us do, I encourage you to grow together with your person of the day.

Consomme Azul Hope


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