24 Hour Challenge

Time yourself!

Unite the mind, body and spirit NOW!

In your heart

Resolve that you will not consume any of the negative things that attack you in this time period. See if you can really live an entire day in complete health while simultaneously dealing with life.

Let me know how this goes!


4 thoughts on “24 Hour Challenge

  1. i’m in a strange time of the morning to begin timing myself..i’m alone and have been in deep thought, however, i’m going to unite and check out my mind body spirit and partake not of ‘junk food’ lusts of life, which challenge me, consuming my presence at times particularly in mind, although my negative ways are not ever present nor a struggle over my strengths…my 24 hour race begins now…i shall pace myself, for i strive to finish strong.

    • IN THE PURSUIT OF a healthy mindset, I have found that some of our worst mental times are when we are alone, in the early mornings, late nights, ectera.

      Perhaps you have selected the perfect time to begin to challenge yourself with a more positive you. I encourage you also to:

      1. Think of the difference between the positivity that we are encouraging amongst each other and the “optimism” that is sometimes advocated
      2. Log your thoughts and experiences in this 24 hours. Really take note of the things you notice..

      AND OF COURSE get back to me!

      Thank you stevi1955!!

  2. I’m for it. Since returning from NY, I’ve been on a high and just came down to Ground Zero yesterday. Lastnight, I even broke my fruit, vegetable, no meat, no sweets…amazing how many temptations I was able to forego through the day and up through the end of the night. Thoughts have been haunting me since then. The negative forces are trying to block my pass as I attempt to cast all my trials, my fears upon Him. I am finished analyzing and toiling with family dysfunction. I am grateful now. Grateful for what the biological family has provided up to this point and grateful for the Church Family, the love, support and encouragement they impart. These next 24 are a dedication to My Lord and Savior. To Thee, I give my best. I thank you, Jennifer, for allowing His inspiration to flow through you. You are truly blessed as you bless the lives of others in this way.

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